We create a customized Health and Dental program by combining a Health Spending Account (HSA) and traditional insurance such as: life, disability, and travel insurance. 
This allows you to control costs while providing valuable, diverse coverage for your employees and their dependents. 
 We partner with you to build lasting relationships: 
We manage your plan costs – by delivering value added products and services that maximize your benefits
Have your employees thank you – with benefits and  solutions that provide a fast, clear, and easy member experience
Make your job easier and more rewarding – our experienced team, innovative technology, and flexible plan designs adapt to the needs of your organization   
Advantages for 
the Employer

Cost Control — you determine in advance the benefits for your employees. Unlike a traditional benefits plan, there are no unexpected increases to your premium every year.

Customizable — you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to plan design. You have the flexibility to set classification structure, benefit limits, co-insurance, installment frequency, and roll-over of funds. We have group insurance specialists that can help you design the perfect plan for your situation.
Advantages for 
the Employees

Choice — Your employees will now have the opportunity to use their spending account on benefits that best fit their individual needs.

Greater Coverage Options — Health Spending Accounts reimburse employees for many health related expenses that are not typically covered by a traditional 
benefits plan.